If you think meal kit services are overrated, I don’t blame you because I use to have the same feeling. However my misconceptions were cleared when I realized that you need a good meal kit service for the system to work. You need a service that understand allergies and tolerances, they have tons of options, they upgrade their menus, diet restriction meals etc.

I went through many meal kit services as a working individual. I just knew that I didn’t want to be tortured with bad food at high price. This is why I made sure, to always go for the most popular meal kit service on the market, unfortunately I was deeply disappointed with the price points and the quality.

Then along came Marley Spoon as the food savoir I was looking for, I got all the perks and advantages that one expects. The meal kit service was under my budget and the menu was vast. I even got a Marley Spoon coupon code to reduce my monthly amount. No more grocery trips, no more dicing and chopping. My dream finally came true!

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The reasons you will opt for Marley Spoon

Apart from the price point and scrumptious food, the company gives you many reasons to support them.

1.     Martha Stewart

The company’s reputation is backed by the famous Martha Stewart, the genius American businesswoman and philanthropist. The woman has created many delicious dishes on TV screens for many years.

Her support for the company Marley Spoon only makes us wonder how great the products are. This really encouraged me to try out the recipes without doubting the taste and quality.

2.     The enormous menu

Don’t you hate it when meal kit services only provides you with just a few options? You won’t ever feel this way with Marley Spoon, because the company has hundreds of dishes for you. They also add 45+ more new recipes every week, this means you will never get tired of eating just one or two dishes. You can get tons of cuisines involved in your meal kit box.

3.     The premium quality ingredients

You wouldn’t have to worry about getting food poisoning from takeout food anymore. You get fresh ingredients that you can prepare under 30 minutes. This is one of the main reasons why I got attracted to the meal kit service.

As someone who likes to take care of their health, I always want meal kit services to provide me with fresh ingredients. Marley Spoon won the trophy in this category.

4.     No food wastage

When you plan prepare and portion your meals, you won’t waste as much food as you would think. Marley Spoon provides you with certain amount of food for the week, this means that you can only cook one meal per serving. You don’t get an extra bowl of rice with your meal hence you don’t waste food with Marley Spoon.

I recommend Marley Spoon to those who like eating delicious meals without increasing their carbon waste!