Blake Lively, Lady Godiva, Elizabeth Taylor and Helen of Troy. What have all of them got in common, you might ask. Though they may have all lived at different times, the truth remains that they were all considered to be truly beautiful. In fact, you would still find some of them making the polls of the most beautiful women in history.

That is because beauty endures and true beauty has been appreciated by the masses for its magnificence and splendor. There is simply no substitute for true beauty. In the modern era, products like Princess Filler are playing a key role in repairing defects and deformities in the skin of various individuals. This enables them to live a life that is more enjoyable and fulfilling.

It’s more than Skin Deep

The human skin consists of three layers- one on top of the other. These are the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. The outermost layer or the epidermis is the part that we can see covering our bodies from top to bottom. It gives us what is called our skin tone. It also provides a protective sheath against water and the elements of nature.

The middle layer or the dermis is composed of a mass of hair follicles, connective tissues and sweat glands. The deepest layer or the hypodermis consists of fat and more connective tissue. It is the deepest layer of our skin.

You would be amazed to know that all these three layers of skin are deeply interconnected when it comes to skin health and vitality. The health and overall well-being of each layer is important and interdependent with the others. Thus any damage or malady that affects any of the layers can cause problems with the entire package that we call our skin.  

The Quest for Looking your Best

As explained above, people these days are making a concerted effort to look their best from every angle. Whether it is personal grooming and hygiene or tailored and fashionable clothing, each of these plays a key role in contributing to our look and the impression we make on society.

We may not be willing to admit it, but the sight of a well groomed gentleman or lady as they go about their daily business at the office or while partaking in any other public event definitely evokes feelings of awe or sometimes even jealousy in others.  

Dermal Fillers to the Rescue

For those who are unfortunately suffering from some deep rooted skin problems that are not responding to standard treatment, there is the option of using dermal fillers to iron out the inconsistencies and deficiencies in their skin.

Dermal fillers work by supplementing the body’s deficiency of hyaluronic acid. They add volume to the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles. They are injected into the skin from time to time, under strict medical supervision and might even require the services of a dermatologist or skin expert.

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