Ready to eat food have made the life of people, especially the working community simple to a good extent.  These ready to eat food saved the cooking time and also gives a good relaxing time on a weekend for the housewives from their kitchen schedule for a day. Dinnerly helps people to eat food such as the less time that is needed to cook them. Dinnerly requires very little preparation and it is easy and convenient to cook and offers cost incentives with the Dinnerly Discount Code.


If you have received a discount code and it is not working when you apply it to your shopping, please ensure the code has been entered correctly.

Please also note that some of the Dinnerly Discount Promotions comes within a very short time in which you should make the purchase.  If you are trying to avail of the Dinnerly coupon code after the timeframe, it will not be accepted. Minimum shopping amount may also apply, so please ensure to check the conditions of the code before use.

Dinnerly Australia! - Budget Friendly?! - YouTube

If you have qualified for all the terms of the discount codes and it is still not working, you will have to contact Dinnerly Customer Support. A member of the team will get in touch with you to investigate the issue.


Once you have placed an order at Dinnerly and payment was made, your order will immediately start processing.  You will therefore be unable to cancel a one-off order through the Dinnerly website.  To cancel your one-off order, you will have to contact Dinnerly Customers Supports.  To cancel your subscription, you can cancel any future orders that have not yet been processed through the following steps:

  1. Log into your Dinnerly account.
  2. Select Your Orders where you can find all your future orders.
  3. If the orders have not yet been processed, select the Manage option.
  4. Select the Manage your future order, and scroll down to Cancel Item.  You can also cancel your subscription with Dinnerly, through the Cancel item option.
  5. If you are facing any difficulty in cancelling the subscription, you will have to contact Dinnerly Customer Support.


The chicken has been vacuum packed. It may be because you can feel an unusual smell when you open your chicken box.  The vacuum pack ensures that the product stays fresh. This also means that Dinnerly never adds salt, water or preservatives to its chicken.

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In case of any unusual small, it is recommended to leave the meat for 5-15 minutes once it is opened and the small should no longer be noticeable.

All the Dinnerly meals are delivered in specially designed packaging which helps to guarantee fresh produce in every order. If there is nobody available to accept your order, the courier will either leave your box in a designated safe place or leave it with a neighbor.  Please check with your neighbours if you cannot locate your order before contacting Dinnerly.