If you are going to visit Germany then The Autobahn must be on your places-to-visit list!

The highway with no speed limits could be a fun, thrilling & fastest way to reach your destination. It is not a hidden fact that the motorists have always fantasized about Autobahn. Additionally, the world has also painted the German Autobahn to a near-mythical status to the automakers or drivers of the world!

The German Autobahn has many facilities that are key factors of the hype globally and rightly so! The unreal German countryside’s scenic routes, well-developed gas station bathrooms, or the one factor that makes it unique from all the other highways in the world. Yeah, you guessed it right! The no-speed limit rule!

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Before you scratch out The Autobahn from your bucket list. Go through our accumulated tips for a hassle-free journey.

1.  Passing On The Right Is: VERBOTEN

One thing that is not acceptable on the Autobahn is passing on the right side of the lane.

The basic fact that any motorist needs to know is that it is illegal to pass a vehicle on the right. If you are driving slowly then remember left lane is your lane to pass. When there is traffic jam or the traffic is moving at a really lower rate than you can move on to the right side!

However, you can get into hot water quickly if you moved on the right side under wrong circumstances. Remember, its VERTOBEN- It means FORBIDDEN By Official Authorities.

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2.  Bring A Map:

If you are not from Germany then you should always bring a map or simply switch the GPS on!

Before you say it’s a no-brainer then make sure to speak German fluently. Otherwise, it’s quite a struggle to guide yourself into the German world of Autobahn.

Don’t go all American on to the highway with no speed limits. It means, that moving without a map or knowing the whereabouts of the location. This should not be on your to-do list. So, save your time and energy and prepare yourself first!

3.  Make Sure To Use Blinkers:

Do you know German motorists always use signal lights before changing the lane? That’s why you should also do the same.

The German automobiles are designed to blink three times via blinker controls and then they switch off automatically. When driving on Autobahn, make sure to have good use of your automobile blinkers.

4.  Beware Of The Speed Limit Signs:

We have heard plenty of times that there are no speed limit signs on Autobahn But in reality, contrary to the famous myth, you may see signs with speed limits on the German highway.

Therefore it is better to pay attention to the posted limits. For instance, if there is a construction site ahead then you are more likely to see the speed limit signs. Make sure to follow the speed limit rules until you see a sign that says end-of-speed limit or a new posted speed.

Remember, to obey the speed limit rules and good luck!