About WiGo

With a third of the world using social media we are more connected today than we have ever been before, but somewhere along the way we have lost meaningful connection to one another. At WiGo Trips we aim to solve this problem by connecting groups of people digitally and bringing them together in real time to experience real, raw, and authentic travel as they create shared and meaningful experiences together.

Our team, AI, and other technologies are designed to understand the human factor behind travel and deliver services and products that enrich peoples lives while fostering lifelong and real world friendships between our Members.

Who is WiGo For?

Travelers, who are dissatisfied with cookie cutter vacations.

For those who are looking for more than another vacation, WiGo Trips offers a marketplace where travelers will discover a variety of bucket-list trips and other unconventional travel, created and guided by like-minded travelers from around the world.

Adventurist, who dream of ditching the day job and travel for a living.

For those who are skilled at organizing and leading group trips, WiGo Trips offers a new source of income for travelers by providing them with the tools, resources, and audience to travel for a living or just for fun.

Explorers and outliers, who are looking to connect with others.

For those who have often found themselves traveling alone because their current circle of friends have been unable to travel with them, WiGo Trips connects you to a community filled with waderlust, adventurist, explorers, and outliers who are looking to connect with kindred travelers.

Our Story

After organizing a group trip to Paris, experiencing a corporate layoff, and taking a masters level deep dive into neurology, Jaqui McCarthy found herself on a journey in search of meaning and purpose. Along her journey she realized that only two things matter:

1) The memories we create

2) The people we created those memories with

She then made it her mission, the WiGo mission, to bring real, raw, and authentic connection into our digital world. Jaqui went to work to create a platform that empower people to live deeper, more intention driven lives through travel, by providing them with the tools, resources, and audience to travel for a living… or just for fun, while utilizing personality based learning systems and A.I. to connect kindred travelers to group trips and shared experiences, and so WiGo came to be.

Our Mission and Values

“Purpose is the reason for the journey, passion is what lights the way.”

WiGo Trips Mission

Our mission is to create solutions that will empower people to live fuller, deeper, more intention driven lives through travel while creating positive social and economic changes on a global scale.

Organizational Statement

To achieve our mission we must create the right foundation, and the right foundation begins internally with creating a culture of of freedom, innovation, and collaboration, and an environment that is performance driven and customer focused that documents the things that are done so that we are able to grow a sustainable and lasting organization for generations to follow.

WiGo Trips Values


We dream big, we use our imaginations, and we take the risk to get there. We pursue our goals with confidence, grit, and passion. We push the boundaries and find our flow by working to create the future we want to see.


We learn and we grow together in an ego-free environment where it’s ok to be wrong. We remain curious, always evolving, and in a constant state of growth. We work hard and encourage each other to go beyond the four walls. We empower each other by seeking and giving advice and we learn by doing and learn from our mistakes.


We challenge ourselves constantly and we learn from our mistakes. We focus on the end result while always remembering that the reward is found in the process. We are committed to the work that we do, bring our best each and every day, and do what it takes to succeed. Whether success or failure we celebrate each day.


We bring a “can-do attitude” and inspire each other by sharing our enthusiasm, as we understand that it is the driving force behind all greate movements. We focus on the results, lead by example, and gain influence by sharing knowledge and empowering each other.


We are open, honest, and take ownership for the things we do. We are authentic and strive to create an environment where it’s safe to say the things that need to be said, even when they are hard to say.


In a world you can be anything, live your truth and be an original. Know your worth and be confident in your abilities. Be thankful the challenges that come your way, and always strive to send positive vibes back into the universe. Treat all things with kindness, respect, and appreciation. Especially yourself. A rewarding life is achieved when you do what you love, and love what you do. Remember to take in the moments, be present, and live without regret. Life is about living a balanced life, so step outside to remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be.