If you think meal kit services are overrated, I don’t blame you because I use to have the same feeling. However my misconceptions were cleared when I realized that you need a good meal kit service for the system to work. You need a service that understand allergies and tolerances, they have tons of options, they upgrade their menus, diet restriction meals etc.

I went through many meal kit services as a working individual. I just knew that I didn’t want to be tortured with bad food at high price. This is why I made sure, to always go for the most popular meal kit service on the market, unfortunately I was deeply disappointed with the price points and the quality.

Then along came Marley Spoon as the food savoir I was looking for, I got all the perks and advantages that one expects. The meal kit service was under my budget and the menu was vast. I even got a Marley Spoon coupon code to reduce my monthly amount. No more grocery trips, no more dicing and chopping. My dream finally came true!

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