The WiGo Trips Team

We are a team of social engineers creating a new model of travel that will empower people to live deeper, richer, and more intention driven lives through travel.

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The Founders

The Visionary and the Creator

Jaqui McCarthy


An entrepreneur with a mission to create solutions that will enhance the human condition through technology, Jaqui is a deep believer in the power of cultivating interpersonal relationships. Her lifelong curiosity to understanding human behaviors and interactions lead to the creation of a behavioral based algorithm designed to better predict consumer social interactions on digital platforms. With a passion for human behavior was furthered through a BA in Business and graduate studies in research psychology and industrial pyschology. Jaqui founded four companies, four peer-to-peer communities, and assisted in business development strategies for other startups.

Adam Coulon


Adam Coulon, Co-Founder and CTO, is an application engineer with a passion for the world and the art of programming. As member of the Digital Nomad Community, Adam graduated from Purdue University with a degree in aeronautical engineering. He participated in international research programs across Asia and Europe, while pursuing a Masters Degree in Computational Science and Engineering (Aerospace) at Georgia Tech. Adam, captivated by the world of programming, changed course and transitioned to a career in software developer. Four years later, Adam found his dream job as the co-founding CTO of WiGo Trips.

The Advisors

Our Biggest Supporters

Hannah Taylor

Industry Advisor

Hannah brings a host of startup experience having either worked for the best accelerators in the country, including Travelport Labs, once one of the leading travel accelerator programs in the United States. Her past experience in working with multiple accelerator program has given her critical and front-line understanding on the difficulties of launching, and actually creating, sustainable companies. Today, Hannah is the cofounder of Delta Awesome and serves as the industry lead and growth advisor for WiGo Trips.

Jon Armitage

Marketing Advisor

Assisting with growth strategy, Jon serves as marketing advisor for WiGo Trips. He bring with him a growth and marketing background at some of the largest global digital companies and early stage disruptor businesses with executive roles at Google, Expedia, and Trunk Club. Jon also acts as a start up advisor and coach to various companies looking to transform the customer experience through technology. Jon is now part of an investment fund assessing opportunities across online consumer industries and brings a passion for the travel space and a keen eye and interest in being part of the next big story.

Reuben Levinsohn

Financial Advisor

Entrepreneur, investor and startup coach with a passion for developing leaders who want to disrupt the status quo and create meaningful lasting change. Reuben has an innate ability in discovering the game changers and is experienced in developing them into the successful leaders of tomorrow. Assisting with financial and strategic planning and consulting on financial considerations, Reuben serves as a financial advisor for WiGo Trips and takes on the role of mentor to the CEO.

Angel Morales

Relations Advisor

Skilled in managing high level international relations, complex negotiations, and working with multi-million dollar budgets, Angel Morales serves as WiGo's Relations Advisor. An entrepreneur by nature, Angel has founded five companies and manages high level profile business contacts in 30+ countries. Among his extensive portfolio, Angel has partnered with Starwood Hotels, Atlantis Resorts, Air India and Marriott.

Brad Bickerton

CEO Development Advisor

Brad is an experienced entrepreneur & executive with 15 years in founding, educating and transforming startup teams into companies. He cares about the success of companies, and his desire is to spread his deep entrepreneurial knowledge to continue making a difference in the growth and development of driven individuals and teams at every stage of their journey. Today Brad is the Co-founder of Delta Awesome, a coaching and mentoring consulting firm based in Denver, and assist the WiGo Trips CEO with strategic planning, business development, and team mapping and reviews.

The Team

The People Who Make WiGo Trips Great

Bianca Bevis

Executive Project Manager

"Where are you from?" is a question Bianca loves answering since she's grown up and worked in 10 different countries, traveled to 30. A true global citizen with an entrepreneurial spirit, Bianca completed her B.A. in International Relations, but soon realized the best way to effect change was to empower people with entrepreneurship. A work background in management consulting and sales confirmed this. She believes people perform best when they have a growth mindset and connect authentically. Bianca loves languages, and is on her 4th one She is thrilled to be a part of WiGo Trips and excited to share it with the world.

The Ambassadors

Traveler Influencers who Lead the WiGo Branded Trips

Aiste Ri

Vilnius, Lithuania

Get your cap on - we are going on the adventure! More than 40 countries visited. Lived in 12 countries over 5 continents. *Kiteboarding *Windsurfing *Surfing *Skiing *Longboarding *Boxing *Yoga

Brooke Wendling

Ballston Spa, New York, United States

Hi my name is Brooke Wendling and I recently graduated college with a degree in International Studies. I studied abroad in Australia and Ireland and cannot wait to travel more! I'm very friendly, nice, and adventurous! I love to try new activities, whether is's skydiving, skiing, or just touring the city, I love embarking on new adventures. I also enjoy trying new food and meeting new people. I would love to have you join one of my trips and experience the fun of exploring a new country, hope to meet you soon!

Burcu Kaniskan

New York, New York, United States

My name is Burcu, entrepreneur, curious learner and travel is my passion! I love travelling and I plan authentic trips where I can learn culture, history, and immersion to the new places. I'm a culture seeker searching for new ideas to add to my bucket-list. I love researching the every single details about new places. Looking for a fabulous time and great people to share it with. My goal is to create cherishable memories that we are all content, peaceful and happy in this life!

Cameron Wyatt

Denver, Colorado, United States

My name is Cameron Wyatt and for the last year I’ve lived in a van. By choice, I should clarify. And I traveled through the country of New Zealand. Exploring the mountains, rivers, oceans, and trails that connected them all. Each trip had an impact on me and helped form my identity as a member of this planet as well as offered insight to other cultures and landscapes. Traveling is a privilege to experience the world outside of your own neighborhood, and outside of your comfort zone. And I look forward to the experience of sharing the next adventure.

Christina Waterman

New York, New York, United States

My two biggest passions in life are adventure and cuisine. At the base level, every trip of mine will include those two things, with a bunch of other fun and interesting activities thrown into the mix.

Ciceley Jackson

Moreno Valley, California, United States

I am a woman who stays trending! I love to travel and experience food, people, culture, and a little adventure.

Connor Coats

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

I have been traveling for a little while now. I’ve been to Mexico, Belize twice, and Spain. I’m headed to France to see Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, and ski in the alps. In April I’ll be headed to portugal for spring break. I pretty much go to Disney every other month as well.

Daniella Pascale

Lynbrook, New York, United States

23 from Long Island, NY. I went to school for film/tv production, so I live to travel and take video/photo of my trips. Also, I am a history nerd and love to sightsee-learn while on vacation, rather than sit on a beach. Have not travled much outside of the northeast part of the USA. It is my dream to one day visit Europe, especially Italy. And visit all 50 states, with a postcard from each state.

Dominic Harris

Los Angeles, California, United States

Hello fellow travelers! My name is Dominic. Previously I lived in Seoul, Korea as an English teacher and that was the pivotal moment that sparked my curiosity for travel. Whether it’s a train on the Korean Peninsula, on lounging on pristine beaches or cruising down El Malecon in Cuba ...I would love to share these amazing moments with everyone! These days I live in Los Angeles as a photographic artist. Hopefully we’ll be asking for the bathroom in different languages in no time! Let’s Go!!

Jaden Allen

Springdale, Utah, United States

Im an adventurous spirit, passionate about travel, culture, and people. I love seeing new things, trying new things, and learning new things. I believe that travel opens our worldview that makes us better citizens of the planet.

Jimmy Crowell II

Brooklyn, New York, United States

I'm a New York City savvy transplant from Texas, all about being in the moment and as well as finding the beauty in life. There's always something to learn and grow from, and I feel that keeps me constantly open to new people and experiences. I have a yearning for both exploration and leisure, that is enhanced through many forms of art, food, and culture. I believe in waking up, and simply, making choices based in my best self in the moment because I was graced with another day on this earth to do so.

Kristin Walstrom

Brooklyn, New York, United States

I was originally raised in a small town within Minnesota. Life and Travel got the best of me when I applied for the Navy and got to tour and see the world upon deployment. This experience left me wanting to see the entire world, and wanting to soak up as much cultural experience as I could. I have moved to New York and concider it my home away from home when I’m not venturing out to new places. Travel wise, I am a calendar person and like scheduled activities, but also enjoy off the beaten path experiences.

Lou Gasco

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

I love to Travel and enjoy new sites, people, tastes, music, customs, languages, etc. etc. If you want to know about NYC, Camping/Hiking in New York State, Traveling to Italy or Argentina, look me up!

Madison Quinn

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States

Hi! My name is Maddie and I am 22 years old. The desire to travel was imparted to me at a young age. I have been very lucky to have traveled to Mexico, Nicaragua, the Bahamas, England, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Italy, and Ireland. Now that I have had so many great experiences in my life, I want to share my knowledge with others and provide trips that are not only on my bucket list, but are experiences that I want to share with other like-minded people who just want to travel and learn.

Maxx Simonet

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Maxx Simonet here runnin' down a dream! I grew up following trails into the mountains anywhere and everywhere they lead into the unknown. People describe me as life of the party, passionate, ambitious and full of dreams. I have been to 37 different countries and many of them a lot more than once. From free diving in the Maldives, helicopter snowboarding in the Swiss and French Alps, I was on the front line. Travel with me and really experience how it feels to be born and alive again!

Natasha Pearl Hansen

Los Angeles, California, United States

I'm an internationally touring standup comedian, actress and comedy writer. I love connecting and laughing with people everywhere, especially while having a beer and exchanging stories. I'm a huge fan of fun, adventure, sun, watersports and outdoor activities, storytelling and exotic foods. I enjoy being active during the day (I practice martial arts and yoga), and hitting the town at night. Anywhere I go I tend to really delve into what locals do with an open mind!

Natela Manuntsyton

Denver, Colorado, United States

An avid traveler with an adventure bug that is always in search of new journeys. From rustic to glamor, depending on the country and the mood I make sure to take away the most out of the trip.

Nina Montoya

Garland, Texas, United States

I have been bit by the wanderlust bug!I love to submerge myself and embrace new cultures and environments. I embrace healthy mix of relaxation and adventure. My favorite things to do when traveling is horsebackriding, visiting animal refuges, beach hopping, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, shopping, and sightseeing. I enjoy finding hidden gems and visiting destination places and embracing the Earth's natural beauty so come and join me!

Payton Kirkpatrick

Basking Ridge, New Jersey, United States

I'm a 24 year old photographer with a biology background and a sense of adventure. I'm an avid outdoors person with extensive experience backpacking, climbing, canoeing, caving and traveling internationally. When I travel I like to meet the locals and discover the hidden gems of each area I travel to. I'm an easy going traveler who likes to keep things loosely planned in order to compensate for deviations!

Priscilla Gutierrez

Austin, Texas, United States

From a young age, I have had a passion for stories. Stories told in creative and experiential ways. Traveling for me is the opportunity to be immersed in real authentic stories of humanity. I believe that through sharing experiences and engaging with different cultures we begin to know ourselves and tap a whole new way of being.

Samantha Kozloff

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Life is an adventure. From roughing it in a tent in a desert or being pampered in a 5 star luxury hotel in Tuscany, my styles of travel have ranged all over the spectrum. So if you are down with going down that road less traveled, being spontaneous and flying by the seat of your pants at times, then pack your bags, and join in the adventure! See you at the airport!

Todd Smidt

Kansas City, Missouri, United States

I sailed around the South Pacific on a cruise ship, taught Czech children how to speak English, backpacked across Europe, and swung drinks at swanky cocktail bars around Melbourne. I love everything about traveling abd the people I get to meet along the way. My life motto is "This must be the place" as it inspires me to not only appreciate where I am at the moment but also to explore new places. I hope to inspire others to see the world and check things off their bucket lists. Stay Gold.

Tom Knight

Galloway, New Jersey, United States

Greetings! My name is Tom Knight I am a photographer who has a love for travel, meeting people from around the world, and capturing the moments most overlook. Traveling helps me to educate my mind on the numerous cultures and lifestyles that exist within our world. I hope sharing my stories and experiences speaks to your inner desire for wanderlust to get motivated and inspired to start your own journey. Enjoy my world, and if you're intrigued don't hesitate to reach out.

Tristan Davis

New York, New York, United States

Hey! I’m Tristan, a 21yo student in New York, and backpacker. When I’m traveling to a new place, I like to focus on the urban and rural culture, art, ancient history, and street food. Favorite place: India

Victoria Nguyen

Los Angeles, California, United States

Hi there! Welcome to my page. My name is Victoria. I am a Vietnamese and French model born in Germany and raised in Poland. Traveled all my life and “I’m in love with places I’ve never been to!” Just a free spirit that constantly seeks new adventures and places to leave my footprint. My mission is to share my love and experience with everyone I am blessed to meet on my journey. I enjoy organizing trips that are active and fun, with full of varieties and unique flavor of each culture. Fly away with me!

Yazmean Donaldson

Chicago, Illinois, United States

My name is Yazmean. I’m a 22 year old, small town girl who is currently trying to navigate the streets of Chicago. Growing up in Wisconsin made it a bit hard to travel as much as I would like. So my passion for travel has grown since moving. Travel has become a way for me to explore new cultures, hear stories and learn from others. And because I describe myself as a, “people person,” I’ve built relationships I’ve never had before. Travel is such a beautiful experience that I believe everyone should have. I’m so excited to be able to share my knowledge with you!

Zaric Eisenberg

Burbank, California, United States

Located in LA. Latin dancer/instructor. Whisky connoiseur. Dog Daddy AF. Love to travel, explore culture, weightlifting, hike. Professional roaster, so bring your sense of humor with you.